Portland-based Coloring Electric Like combines the heavily effected guitar of shoegaze rock with synth-driven sounds and beats from trip-hop and industrial influences. Layers of guitar and multiple drum and synth loops have drive and edge, while a backdrop of lush synth and strings is sublimely orchestral. The result is a sonic landscape, with provocative female vocals.

The duo produces a sound that is surprisingly big, with a haunting feel and danceable groove.

In 2015 Coloring Electric Like contributed to the New Order Tribute Album, Dreams Never End, on The Blog That Celebrates Itself Records,
making the Shoegazer Alive Best Compilations of 2015 and
Forkster's Finest 25 Album Selections for 2015

Their self-titled EP supported their spring tour in 2016, paired with Seattle act Cannabidroids, on the Robotic Stimulus Tour which included Reno, Boise, Salt  Lake City, El Paso, and Las Vegas.

Coloring Electric Like released their take of the song Lullaby on the compilation album The Cure: In Other Voices, on TBTCI Records, in October of 2016.

Coloring Electric Like also had the fortunate opportunity to meet Lawrence Tolhurst, former drummer of The Cure just days after their release.

Coloring Electric Like's song The Tree is the first track on The Lovecraft's annual compilation, volume 7, released November 2016, on limited edition gold vinyl.

The TBTCI compilation, Forever and Again - a Tribute to My Bloody Valentine, included Coloring Electric Like's choice Slow, released January 17, 2017.

In March 2018 Coloring Electric Like released their version of Undertow by Lush. The second track on Lovelife, A Homage to Lush, on TCTBI Records.

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