Cathedral Park Place Complex
6635 N. Baltimore Ave. suite 216
PDX OR 97203
door code to enter building is: 65824
(go up the stairs and follow signs to "Pisces Trading Company" in suite 216 - toward the back of building on second floor)
contact cell numbers:
Ben 317-446-9420
Mia 503-929-3926
(video release date TBA)
Thank you for being part of this!
Each person will be filmed for a brief period of time.
The time range listed above is for total project time.
** Please email us at
or by PM on Facebook to let us know the approximate time you would like to be in attendance.
45 minutes to one hour is best. Actual time in front of camera will be only 5-10 minutes.
We are hoping there will be a time frame where the most people are present and overlap so we can also do group shots.
Please wear black or dark grey colored plain clothing. Guys: jeans and boots ok.
Women - if you can bring a tight tank top, leggings, leotard, black underpants and bra
(if a woman has an extravagant coin belt as worn in belly dancing or a very ornate necklace or pendant, or does belly dancing, you are encouraged to do so!)
If someone with experience would like to volunteer to assist with makeup, hair, costuming please let us know
The video will be very stark, very little color, black background.
We will be focusing on HUMANS.
The actual finished product will be fast moving, glitchy, with distorted motion timing.
We have particular visuals in mind, but also look forward to "going with the flow" and being creative on the spot.
(we have a bathroom for changing, material for draping, etc.)
we will also provide snacks, beer, coffee, THC, etc.
SCOTT WRAY MEDIA - is filming and directing
Below are the lyrics to the song as well as a sound file.
(This is pre-mastering and NOT released yet. Do not share.)



I'm your child

I'm your mother

I'm your enemy

I'm your lover


I'm your pleasure

I'm your pain

I'm your comfort

I'm your killa


My Name is Human


I'm your Eve

I'm your Lilith

I'm your skin

The Flesh you're in


Bones will break

Blood will run

Tears will drain

The eyes of witness


My Name is Human

© 2017 by CEL Music Ltd

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